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Mary Brooks Closes, White Horse Exotics to Open …

Mary Brooks
Mary Brooks Ladies Fashionwear at 9 Market Place in Abingdon has closed. There was always a very stylish display in the window.
White Horse Exotics
White Horse Exotics are coming soon to Stert Street.
Grimsby Fish
And Elizabeth sent me a picture from the Monday Market a week ago showing that Fresh Grimsby Fish were on Sale. There was no Market this week because of the Bank Holiday.

Bank Holiday Monday – Open Air Pool, Walks, Towel Day, and Wear the Lilac Day

Bank Holiday Monday
The Abbey Meadows Open Air Pool opened this Bank Holiday Monday morning at 9am. Early swimmers were impressed by the new management. The water was clean, with no algae on the walls, and as warm as could be expected.
Bank Holiday Monday
Meanwhile on the Market Place, The Friends of Abingdon were signing up people for Bank Holiday Walks around Abingdon. The event was co-ordinated by Pat Bryden (out of shot) and very successful.
Bank Holiday Monday
The Wilts and Berks Canal Walk was led by Martin Buckland.
Bank Holiday Monday
The Around St Helens Walk was led by Ian Jardine, with help from Jackie Smith.
Bank Holiday Monday
The 1556 Abingdon Boundary Walk was led by Martin Smith, and Town Crier – Penny Clover.
Bank Holiday Monday
The Ock Valley Nature Walk, with the Abingdon Green Gym, was led by Eleanor Dangerfield
Bank Holiday Monday
The Radley Lakes Walk, with the Friends of Radley Lakes, was led by David Guyoncourt.
Bank Holiday Monday
The St Nicolas Church and the Lost Abbey Tour, with the Friends of Abingdon, was led by Philip Kenrick in the morning
Bank Holiday Monday
and by by Hester Hand in the afternoon.

It was also Towel Day – celebrated every year on 25th May as a tribute to the author Douglas Adams, who wrote Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy. The guide says “A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have …“.

Tabitha Griffiths, preaching at Trinity yesterday, wore a towel, and a lilac sprig. The lilac was in commemoration of Terry Pratchett who recently died. Some of his fans wore the lilac on 25th May. Members of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, in the Pratchett novel Nightwatch, wore a sprig of lilac, for identification.

Tabitha’s real topic after removing the towel and lilac was Pentecost as described in Acts Chapter 2.

Abingdon Blog on Youtube – May 2015

The May 2015 Abingdon Blog youtube video features: ducklings, folk singing, geese, morris dancing, Old Gaol, swans, an air display, a cockney sing-a-long, geese for Christmas 2015, art in the barn, East St Helen Street, Abingdon Town Band, a rainbow, the Town Bus leaving the Square, a quiet backwater, Abingdon Weir, flags fluttering, the Mayor Making, open night at the museum, and sunset.

(Press the youtube icon bottom right to see it larger.)

Openings in Abingdon this Saturday

New Openings in Abingdon this Saturday
Fröƶen opened their new shop today at the top of West St Helen Street.
New Openings in Abingdon this Saturday
They serve frozen yogurt with a large variety of toppings, and were doing well on their first day. (Frozen Yogurt is big business and has taken off in the last couple of years.)
New Openings in Abingdon this Saturday
The Kings Head and Bell re-opened today after a refurbishment. The Mayor of Abingdon, Helen Pighills, is seen here with Ian Grundy one of the people in charge at Foundation Inns.
New Openings in Abingdon this Saturday
Pubs in Abingdon have seen big changes since Foundation Inns first revitalised The Kings Head and Bell seven years ago.

They are now improving the pub again.
New Openings in Abingdon this Saturday
On the Market Place today some of the recently elected town councillors were selling wristbands for Music in the Parks. There are still openings for 300 people to go to the Abingdon music event of the year!

The four councillors are: Samantha Bowring, Alice Badcock, Neil Fawcett, and Mike Badcock.
New Openings in Abingdon this Saturday
Also on the Market Place, 2121 (Abingdon) Squadron, Air Cadets, were letting young people know of other openings, including the opportunity to get airbourne and earn their wings.

Bank Holiday Walks – Monday 25 May 2015

The Bank Holiday walks organised by The Friends of Abingdon with other groups are now into their fourth year. All walks start at the Market Place at 10:30am or 2:00pm. Book in from 10:00 am on the day.
Bank Holiday Walks
Walks on Offer:
• The 1556 Abingdon Boundary Walk. Approximately 4 miles leaving at 10:30am.
• The Wilts and Berks Canal Heritage Walk. Approximately 3 or 5 miles leaving at 10:30
• The Ock Valley Nature Walk with Abingdon Green Gym. 3½ miles leaving at 2:00pm. Tea and Cakes at the Abbey Buildings.
• The Radley Lakes Walk with the Friends of Radley Lakes. 5 miles leaving at 2:00pm. Tea and Cakes available at the Lakes.
• The Lost Abbey Tour. St Nicolas Church and the Lost Abbey. Leaving at 10:30 am. and 2:00pm. Teas in the Abbey Buildings.
• The St Helen’s Almshouses Tour. Leaving at 10:30 am.