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What’s in a Name Change?

Some time back Abingdon School dropped the School on their school signs.
Their website, , says things like …  Abingdon is a leading independent day and boarding school with 885 boys…
The Coventry
Also what was Coventry Building Society, as seen on the photo fronting the County Hall,
The Coventry
is now The Coventry.

School and Building Society have gone for boldness in their brand name. In both cases I prefer the old name.

The official name change from Abingdon to Abingdon-on-Thames was voted through on Thursday. The Town Council have started to update their front page details on to say things like ‘Welcome to Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council … and Abingdon-on-Thames Visitor Community Information Centre …

In my heart, despite the official name change, I just want to keep saying Abingdon not Abingdon-on-Thames here on this blog.  That may change as I get used to the new name, but I suspect I will always prefer the name Abingdon to Abingdon-on-Thames and could not give a good reason.

Abingdon links in London – 2. Abingdon Green

Abingdon Green
According to The Virtual London website … “Opposite ‘The Houses of Parliament’ …  is a green and grassy area where news crews conduct interviews with politicians. This is known variously as ‘Abingdon Green’, ‘College Green’ and ‘St Stephen’s Green’. The official line though, from the Head of Public Information at the Palace of Westminster, is that it’s just called ‘The Green’
Abingdon Green
The name for Abingdon Green may be officially ‘The Green’, but the street alongside is Abingdon Street.

The Earl of Abingdon once owned a residence on this site around 1700. He was well thought of and so the name Abingdon was used when the road was widened – and his old house demolished –  in 1750.

2012 Program of Market Place Events

Paul and Mike
The Chamber of Commerce AGM was last Night. Paul was re-elected as President for another year, and Mike as Secretary. They can be seen together on this rather fuzzy picture.

The Market Place has been comparatively quiet over the winter months, but things start happening in March when Paul and Mike organise the first ever Fair Trade Market on 3rd March. It involves local business that sell Fair Trade products coming out together onto the Market Place. There is also an Abingdon Fair Trade directory.

Paul and Mike are also planning the next Local Excellence Market on the 31st March. And many more events during the year. All visible on the 2012 Program of Market Place Events.