Monthly Archives: May 2011

Out with orange and in with green

New Play Equipment
At Peachcroft, the Elizabeth Avenue Kickwall has proved so popular since it was installed a couple of years back that a new surface had to be installed. The grass had been totally worn away leaving sandy soil beneath.
New Play Equipment
Recently, this blog featured some pieces of exercise equipment that sprung up near Chaunterell Way in South Abingdon thanks to funding from a new housing development in the area. Three more have now sprung up at Box Hill.
New Play Equipment
The shelter at Box Hill has also been replaced after many years of good service to the teenagers of our town. Out with orange and in with green.

Tesco takes on Tesco

Tesco extra
The Fitzharris Arms closed down last December. Contractors have been busy for the last couple of months converting the building into a Tesco express which is due to open this month.
Tesco extra
Not far away down the Wootton Road is the Tesco owned One-Stop store. They operate as a separate business – without ‘Tesco’ in their name – and with a different range of products.  So Tesco express and One-Stop will be local competitors.

Community to Community

Christian Aid
The last week has been Christian Aid week. On Sunday we had a video at Trinity about Christian Aid. It showed a coffee growing area establishing a co-operative, with help from Christian Aid. It allowed them to process the coffee themselves and ensure they got a decent price for their work rather than most of the money going to middlemen.

Today a lady came round collecting door to door for Christian Aid. So I was quite happy to give thinking that our Abingdon community was working with another community to make this world a better place.

Kingfishers on Market Place

ON Market Place
Friends of Radley Lakes were there. They were joined by Pat Shepheard Moon who donated a painting of a Water Vole to be raffled by the Friends.
On Market Place
Parents and staff of Kingfisher School were also there to sell things in aid of special equipment for the school. Kingfisher offers specialist help for pupils with special needs living in Abingdon, Didcot, Wallingford, Cumnor and surrounding villages. It was also a chance to have a bit of out of school fun together.

We only needed the Kingfisher Canoe Club and there would have been three Kingfisher groups. The third group were the army.