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Open Air Pool 2011 Season Begins Here …

Open Air Pool Open
The Abbey Meadow Outdoor Pool opened at 10 am this morning.
Open Air Pool Open
For this first bank holiday weekend it will be free to all. After that it will be free to under 16s (applications before admission). Young adults will be £3.60 and OAPs £2.30. Season Tickets are also available.
Open Air Pool Open
After a swim there is a chance to have a hot drink and snack from the pool kiosk. Pictured are Heather Brown from Choose Abingdon, and Elizabeth Edgecombe of Friends of the Pool. Both have been promoting the pool.

Time Table…

Term time opening:
Casual swim 10am-3.45pm
Inflatable play 4pm-5pm
Casual swim 5.15pm-6pm

Holiday programme opening:
Casual swim 10am-12.45pm
Inflatable play 1pm-2pm
Casual swim 2.15pm-6pm

The pool will be open until Sunday 4 September 2011. For further information please see or contact 01235 530678.

Fair is Fair

Fair Trade
Abingdon is Britain’s Oldest Town, and in 2007 it gained Fairtrade status. Some of the leading figures from that time have moved on but there are new businesses promoting Fairtrade in Abingdon.
Fair Trade
Mike Moon, the Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, has already done a lot of work to promote disability access in Abingdon, and is also keen to show that Abingdon continues to be seen to be promoting the benefits of buying fairly traded products. Last Wednesday a number of businesses and organisations met together to start planning to ensure Abingdon continues to be recognised as a Fairtrade town. The next Fairtrade meeting is at the kings Head and Bell in the function room on the 6th July at 1pm anyone interested is welcome. A larger Fairtrade event is planned for 20th August.

Having Fairtrade status is good for Abingdon, but it also ensures that the farmers who produce the coffee and tea and fruit we rely on get paid and treated Fair.

Oxfordshire GP Consortium

GP Commisioning
In a crowded Roysse Room representatives of the recently set up Oxfordshire GP Consortium were there to tell people about their planning for the future of the NHS in Oxfordshire if the Health and Social Care Bill gets finally passed. The knowledgable audience were generally sympathetic but had some reservations.

The Oxfordshire GP Consortium is currently shadowing and working with the Oxfordshire PCT (Primary Care Trust)  and in the next two years could start to take over the leadership of how Health Services are ordered and paid for. That is £1,300 per annum for each one of us in Oxfordshire.

The Oxfordshire Consortium would do the big deals with the likes of the Radcliffe Trust who run the large hospitals and with the Oxford Health Trust for mental health and community health services.

There are also six local sub-consortium with some local flexibility. Those 6 are based on groups of GPs that already work together more than district council boundaries. Abingdon is now part of the South West Oxfordshire sub-consortium along with most of the Vale and South Oxfordshire.

People did not seem worried about GPs (Doctors) having more control over NHS budgets as they do have the knowledge and our trust. But people were worried about the effect of a large reorganisation of the NHS, and the private sector taking a greater role. It was said that a lot of functions and admin roles would just move over from PCT to Consortium – such as performance monitoring. But consortium are quite new and they are still exploring the best way to organise and the best way to include patient participation.