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1 lb 13 oz Bream wins Mayors Junior Fishing Competition

Mayors Junior Fishing Competition

You can see him here breaming from ear to ear!!! The winner Rhys Griffin, aged 7, caught the Bream.

Mayors Junior Fishing Competition

The competition is organised by Abingdon’s water bailiff, Mick Foster, with the blue cap. Next to him is the legendary Fat Phil, who owns the fishing tackle shop on the Abingdon Road in Oxford- who donated some of the prizes. Phil is not quite so fat any more.

Evening WI

Evening WI
In the window of Mostly Books, next to Fun in The Park, and above Rugby 7s is a poster for Abingdon Evening WI. The afternoon WI is no longer quite so ideal for young mums and working women hence the move to Evening WI. They have been meeting for over a year and meet at the Royal British Legion club on Spring Road.

Looking for yummy mummies & domestic godesses


Cottage Imperial Reopens after fire

Cottage Imperial Re-opens
There was a fire in the Cottage Imperial on Friday 3rd October 2008. We did not realise back then how long it would take to get it up and running again. There were few signs of the fire outside but inside it had been extensive.

It has finally re-opened and there is 25% off for the first couple of weeks.

The Cottage Imperial is the one on Bridge Street at the corner of Turnagain Lane.